Telephone and Other Items

This is my new Long Distance #3 deskstand, created and manufactured by John Infurna.  I have waited years for this very rare replica set.  The four photos will give you a good view of the set including the special stamping on the top of the transmitter.  Only three or four of these sets have been made.Infurna Long Distance #3
Infurna Long Distance #3Infurna Long Distance #3Infurna Long Distance #3

This beautiful Western Electric #3 candlestick was made by John Infurna, master of such artifacts.  This is IDENTICAL to the original in every detail and is a working model.  The cords were made to his specifications by Odis LeVrier, master cordmaker.  The long pole receiver is also an Infurna creation as is the reproduced Maxim glass mouthpiece.  Mr. Infurna has made replicas of a number of early and very rare W.E. telephone items as well as many other telephone parts too numerous to mention here.

When this replica was made for me, Mr. Infurna permitted me to determine the seven digit number I wanted on the faceplate.

This piece has to be seen "in the flesh" to really appreciate its beauty.

Here are two views of a replica W.E. #9 candlestick, fabricated by John Infurna.  There are many processes involved in the making of such a fine instrument.
Replica is defined as an exact copy of the original which is in fact true of each and every part of this beautiful work of art.

John's email address is:


The three views above are the underside of the base, the bottom cover, and the transmitter head
and long pole receiver pictured above on the W.E.#9 candlestick.  Note the terminal ring in the base,
the wood bottom cover with the installation instructions, and the transmitter cup with the thumb nut
assembly.  The mouthpiece and longpole receiver are replicas as well.

This is John Infurna's replica Red Cross mouthpiece made with the original glass mold.  Once the glass piece is made, the red crosses are hand painted and fired, two times.  The metal appliance that attaches the glass to the faceplate was also made by John to match one of the original designs.

The flat lip on the front of the mp is embossed: Red Cross Germ Proof Mouthpiece, Pattened by E&L, May 3-1910.

This Infurna RC mouthpiece is attached to the faceplate with a resin appliance made by Ray Kotke, another replica artist.  Ray used my original bakelite appliance to make a mold that was used to make the one you see in this picture.  This one was made with a grey-black resin while another he made at the same time was blacker.  He plans on making other colors as well.


This is an ivory mouthpiece made by Ray Kotke.  It is made from a tinted resin material.  Ray makes them to fit Western, Kellogg, and Stromberg Carlson threads.  Many of the colors match the original Automatic Electric colored mouthpieces issued for their candlestick phones.  Like the AE 1A, 34 and 40 models, the mouthpieces were available in colors.

This is another of Ray Kotke's mouthpieces.  This one is made with a rather clear natural color resin.  It really enhances the stick on which it's mounted because of its transparency.

Ray can be contacted at his email address:

This is a miniature Strowger candlestick made by John LaRose of Vermont.  John makes a number of miniature phones as well as many special parts needed by collectors.  He also does very special repair work, fabricating replacment parts for phones, attachments, etc.

This miniature is 3.5" high.  The transmitter moves up and down and the mouthpiece can be removed.