Collection Views

The majority of the pictures on this webpage are built-in areas or display cases where the majority of my collection is displayed.

This is my primary display area where many of the items I like to look at regularly can be found. My desk is just opposite this built-in area. The area below the display is drawers and storage, faced with quarter-sawn oak.
This area is opposite the built-in display area.

In the center of this photo is a very rare 7J coin collector mounted below a standard W.E. 293 wall phone. The black collector accepts 5 cents only. When the phone above is off hook and a nickel is dropped, the operator is alerted. The operator, with a flick of a switch, can either collect the coin or return it to the user. The small box below the coin collector is a switch used to demonstrate how the collector functions. On the wall to the left of the 7J collector is a very rare 13A collector that will accept quarters, dimes, and nickels. The internal mechanism “senses” the coin and sounds three, two, or one gong depending on the coin inserted. The gong could be heard by the operator who would know when the phone user had deposited the correct amount for the call.
This showcase was an old formica covered display that has been veneered with quarter sawn oak skins. The edges and top are of solid quarter sawn oak stock..
I have moved some of my favorites to this showcase located in the same room as the switchboard, the phonebooth, and my W.E. Type 20 stick collection.