My Favorites

My Favorites include many items, one or two of which may not fall in the telephone collecting arena.

This is a candlestick wall cabinet that uses the 3.5″ depth and 14″ width between wall studs.  I believe
that it began life in the Sheraton Hotel in San Franciso and then fell into the hands of a collector
when the hotel was remodeled many years ago.  It’s a beautiful piece and surely among my favorites.  It’s installed in the my wife’s stamping (card making) room which I recently expanded and remodeled for her.  We pass through this area many times per day.
This is Nana who lives in the studio opposite my favorite telephone enclosure pictured above. Nana (aka Barbara) is sitting at her newest work surface in her new studio, holding one our youngest granddaughter’s favorite “singing” toys. Note Nana’s blue lamp in the background. It’s surely not regulation, but was done well by someone in the past.
This is the new section of Barb’s “card” studio. I built this extension for her in exchange for her permitting and encouraging me to install my favorite wall cabinet in this area, about the only place in our home where it could easily be done.