Slave Clocks

These are “slave” clocks; they are so-called as they don’t have motors but instead coils that respond each minute when a pulse is sent to the clock by a centrally located master clock. These were very common in schools, banks, hospitals, and other public buildings as they all are synchronized by one master clock. The examples seen here came from schools. The square wood model is the oldest.

This clock is a double-faced model, commonly found in banks or large foyers where the clock needed to be seen from all locations. The clock is circa 1915 and is in mint condition. This clock is operated in my home from a centrally located electronic master unit.

Here are a couple of views of an old master clock that came out of a local high school when the school was remodeled in the sixties. The clock was installed in the school when new in the mid-twenties. It is an operating pendulum clock at this time but no longer has any “master” capabilities.